Hey! thanks for passing by, it's great to have you :)

I’ve come a long way in my entrepreneurial journey and the one thing I know for sure is that I have a much longer way to go. Here I’ll share my stories and experiences that I hope will inspire you and help you to do even better than myself.

I also have a lot of opinions that I’d like to share so please let me know what you think of them and let’s start a conversation!

In case you stumbled here by mistake, here’s a short bio about me:

Alharith Alatawi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of onegcc, an employment platform, focused on matching Job Seekers with Job Opportunities based on their skills and personalities. onegcc recently raised $ 2.5 Million dollars in its last fundraising round. Along with onegcc, Alharith is also a cofounder in Level Z, The first Tech startup factory in the MENA region with it’s first Startup Skiplino, an intelligent Cloud-Based Queue Management System with 1,500 clients globally. Both onegcc and Skiplino have been named as one of the top 15 innovative startups in the Middle East by Forbes in their latest Forbes Innovators edition.

Alharith, previously a CEO of a Saudi Investment Company, was also part of 20 Entrepreneurs selected to be part of the Arab Youth Initiative at the World Government Summit 2018 and named Arab Youth Ambassador by the Arab Thought Foundation for two consecutive terms.