We naturally try to make the best run that makes us the most money by the time we retire.

So when we found oil everyone wanted to work in Oil & Gas. When there were so many successful Bankers everybody started studying Banking & Finance. Now, after so many entrepreneurs becoming millionaires it seems that everybody wants to become an entrepreneur. It’s just that not everyone really knows what they’re bargaining for, being an entrepreneur and building a successful company is incredibly challenging .

Then again, I guess being an entrepreneur has its glamour and entrepreneurs are certainly stealing all the economic spotlights these days.

At ONEGCC we are constantly searching for top talent and as we approach students to join our journey, it seems all they want do is embark on the entrepreneurial journey. However, as soon as I start talking to them, all they see and know is the glitz and glamour. I never felt that they really had the full picture of what it takes to build a successful & scalable company.

It’s not their fault; unfortunately, the only thing these students have been offered is text-book-knowledge and they have been barely exposed to real life business applications and on-ground entrepreneurial experience.

Most of the mentors and coaches available in our eco-system are new to the startup scene and have never started a business on their own. Therefore, my advice to students is benefit from our eco-system in a different way. They should join a startup, get a taste of how things work, the challenges startups face, and get real hands-on experience before embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Being an Entrepreneur is in no way easy, it’s not a rosy path to success and millions of dollars – it takes a lot of sacrifice, effort, time and stress to build a successful company.

I put a picture of the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump because I sincerely feel this is what’s happening in our community today. Please read about this historic jump its funny and ingenious - but in my scenario:

The Aboriginals – All the Coaches, Professors etc. who’ve only read about success stories, and had no exposure to real-life entrepreneurial experiences.
The Buffalos – All those who want to be Entrepreneurs because it’s cool.
The Cliff – Most probably the realization that you can’t make money from simply building an app. Otherwise, it could be one of a million other reasons startups fail.
The Greenery – Where we all aspire to reach; however, its important people understand what they are bargaining for.